What Other Patients are Saying about the Impact of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine:

"Although I have been unfamiliar and even somewhat skeptical of acupuncture, Angie's treatments have turned me not only into a believer, but also an advocate for acupuncture at my gym.
“The role of acupuncture treatments in reminding my body how to heal itself has been very effective in treating both physical injuries from training as well as mild depression.
“Angie's patience in listening and understanding my needs as a patient, her friendly and calm disposition, and the healing space she creates all make for stress free and relaxing acupuncture treatments.”

— M.P.

“When Angie was based in Bozeman, MT I saw her every other week for about a year. If she was still based in Bozeman, I’d still be seeing her. I came to Angie having no previous experience with acupuncture and fairly vague goals — I was trying it for my mental health and emotional healing.
“Angie was always very warm and deeply present for each session. She took time to explain things to me. She listens very well and would craft several treatment options for me to choose from based on what I brought to the table.
“She herself was an example of health. She extended reading suggestions, diet suggestions, and other types of bodywork suggestions. She was a wonderful resource for me in the quest to live a more balanced life.
“The acupuncture treatment itself provided immense stress relief. The process of having to explain my physical symptoms, as well as internal states forced me to name things out loud. Which I found very helpful.
“Acupuncture put me in touch with my body and what it was trying to tell me. It helped me to let things go, to ground myself, and it was immensely healing during a period of grief. I experienced both mental and physical relief and deep relaxation. I could not recommend Angie more.”

— A.S.

“Angie, I want to thank you for the help that you have provided me these past months. Acupuncture really positively impacted my health and well-being, and I especially appreciate your willingness and ability to customize the treatments you gave me, and to do so with grace.
“I find acupuncture fascinating and amazing and refreshing. Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you, again!”

— C.P.

“I'm so grateful to have found Angie. I've worked with a number of acupuncturists in the past and was floored by Angie's skill and compassion. She takes the time to check-in with you to understand your body, life and mind.
“I like working with Angie because I can be totally open about the whole of my circumstances, and know that I am receiving the best care.”

— L.R.

“Angie was an essential part of my health and wellness during my pregnancy. Also, her treatments and presence were a gift during my postpartum period.
“Becoming a mother was wonderful and also incredibly challenging — physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am thankful that I had her as an aid during this precious and challenging time in my life.
“She was always accepting and warm. She was professional and offered great advice and tools for maintaining health outside of the clinic. I felt a profound change and improvement after each session with her.
“Angie’s passion for acupuncture, Chinese medicine and health for all beings shines through her work.”

— L.G.

"Angie has a thoughtful, practical and calm approach to treating patients. Her acupuncture knowledge is extensive, and it shows in how her treatments improve and heal the body and mind.
“I have seen Angie multiple times for a variety of reasons and she never fails to make me feel way better than when I came in. I would recommend for anyone seeking relief through acupuncture to go and see Angie.”

— T.K.

"When I think about working with Angie, I think about what a complete blessing she has been on my journey of healing.
“Although I had seen many acupuncturists in the past, I found her connection to the practice, her intuition, and her approach very impressive. She works with compassion, connection, intelligence, and an ability that I think is a gift to anyone who receives treatments from her.
“I cannot say enough about how grateful I am. Angie encompasses the true grace of a healer and I would recommend her to anyone seeking treatment.”

— L.G.

“If you’re in search of a kind, effective, compassionate, and professional acupuncture practitioner then Angie is who you are looking for.  
“Angie worked with me on chronic lower back pain (osteoarthritis) that was increasingly making my normal everyday activities quite difficult to maintain.  I found my growing reliance on over the counter pain medicine to get through the day alarming and it wasn't working all that well anymore.  
“I did not want to follow a standard western medicine practice of stepping up to prolonged bed rest and prescription drugs to reduce the inflammation. And then there was the specter of some sort of future surgical intervention haunting my thoughts.
“Acupuncture proved a blessing. Treatment to balance my body's defensive reaction to eliminate the pain of arthritis was surprisingly simple. Acupuncture treatment is also a pleasant and effective way of adjusting the body to maintain overall wellness. That benefit alone takes on real importance as I age.
“Thank you so much, Angie. You will always have my gratitude and respect.”

— K.M.